”CeleCelebration of Japanese Culture 2019″ at Missouri History Museum 

今年は、私達Chado Society of St.Louis Junshin-Anのグループはお茶のデモンストレーションに加え、着物ショーを主宰しました。
We enjoyed a Japanese culture event hosted by Japan American Society (JAS) at the Missouri History Museum on May 5th . It was a beautiful sunny May Day perfect for the event. We, as the Chado Society of St. Louis Junshin-An group, performed a kimono show in addition to the tea ceremony.
Even though room was a packed audience, the audience was quiet and focused, showing respect and a sincere interest of the tea ceremony.
The casual and formal kimonos in the show were mainly from the Chado Society’s members. It also featured two young ladies with furisode, chuuburisode and kurotomesodeusuallyworn by mother of the bride. 
We thank all for the help given, especially by members of the Society, their family and friends. 
Everybody’s talents and support contributed the success of the two shows.