Tea life. Tea mind. A must read.

There are many books on the Tea Ceremony.

An especially insightful one is written by Soshitsu Sen XV, the retired grand master of the Urasenke school of tea. The Tea Master tells how he mastered Chado, “The Way of Tea” – a perfect read for all learning chanoyu.

In the book, Soshitsu Sen XV explains the history, ceremony and spiritual philosophy of the tea ceremony. He spent his life travelling around the world after WWII, spreading peace through a cup of tea. He was born in 1923. (Sōshitsu is the name of the head, or iemoto, of the Urasenke School of the Japanese Tea Ceremony. Sen is the family name and Sōshitsu is the hereditary name assumed by the successor upon becoming iemoto.) In this volume he describes how he mastered Chado, “The Way of Tea”. This book was originally written by the 15th Grand Tea master in the lineage of Sen Rikyu (born in Japan 1522-1591) a Japanese tea master who perfected the tea ceremony and raised it to the level of an art.

Sen Ricky and the teachings of Urasenke are the founding principles and school of instruction practiced by the Chado Society of St. Louis.