Chado 純心庵

Chado Society of St. Louis – Junshin-an 

The way of Japanese Tea • 茶 道

We welcome anyone who wants to participate in the tea ceremony. Classes are taught weekly in the Urasenke tradition of Chanoyu. Private lessons are also available. Please email or telephone to reserve your space for more information.
Members serve as both the “host” or one of the “guests” in a tea lesson. All learn the traditional ways to prepare, serve and drink tea. With time, more advanced methods are introduced under the guidance of the tea instructor.
There are many paths to learning Chado – the Way of Tea. Some are interested in traditional Japanese culture. Others enjoy the Art, study of Zen, meditation or simply the taste of powdered green tea. All are welcome.
Peacefulness through a Bowl of Tea
– Sen Genshitsu
千 玄室
About Us
The Chado Society was founded by Junko Ikeda, trained at the Urasenke school of tea in Kyoto. Students meet weekly and often perform at public and private events. A disciplined, fun and dedicated group, new members are always welcomed. Reach out using the form below. And follow us on social media – Facebook and Instagram.  
Urasenke Konnichian of Kyoto, Japan has nurtured the rich cultural tradition of chanoyu since the early seventeenth century. Zabosai Iemoto, sixteenth generation Grand Tea Master of Urasenke, continues the tradition of his father, now retired as Hounsai Genshitsu, Former Grand Tea Master, in fostering international goodwill through cultural exchange. The Chado Society of St. Louis follows Urasenke's teaching.
Tea house island 
The Missouri Botanical Garden is home to one of the largest Japanese gardens in North American - Seiwa-en. Follow us on social media and on the official calendar to learn when the Chado Society performs next at the tea island. In the meantime, experience the thrill of personal interpretation and discovery in the Garden's serene landscape. 

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Below is our calendar of events and classes. Those open to the public are noted. You do need to register for classes prior. Otherwise, join our mailing list to be notified up upcoming public demonstrations.
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Junko Ikeda
Junko Ikeda (named So-jun by the grand tea mater of Urasenke)
is the founder the Chado Society of St. Louis, Junshin-an. Ikeda-sensei is a member of
 Minami Branch of Urasenke Kyoto, taught by Hayashi Soumi.
池田 宗純(純子)・生徒一同



月点前 拝見ありTsukidemae with Viewing

10月第一週 10月に入り、茶箱月点前のお稽古を慌ててしました。床の間には菊の花の南画です。義理の叔父藤原りょうざん画です。お花も前日にお華のお稽古で挿した花の残りを飾りました。お軸の菊と重なってしまい、悪い例ですが、庭のお花が皆枯れてしまい、これからの季節、床の間に飾る花を探すのに一苦労です。 It’s already October. We practiced Chabako tsukidemae b...
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茶通箱 Satsubako

10月第2週 上級の生徒さんは茶通箱をお稽古しました。 四ヶ伝とともに習得する茶通箱の点前。お客様に2服の濃茶をお点てするので、時間のかかるお点前です。 準備は黒楽茶碗、中節の茶杓、茶通箱(2種類の茶をいれる)、棚。箱の中に一つは肩衝茶入れを仕覆に入れて、もう一種類のお茶は黒棗に入れて大津袋で包み、背中合わせに入れて棚に飾ります。箱の中にお茶...
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